Ellen M. Price University of Chicago Department of the Geophysical Sciences

Harvard ASTRON218, Fall 2017: Radio Astronomy

ASTRON218 is a graduate-level course in the principles of radio astronomy, taught by Prof. Lincoln Greenhill, that includes both lab and course components. Students conducted experiments in interferometry, for example, as a lab. My main responsibility for this course was marking problem sets and lab reports, as well as holding office hours and attending classes and lab sessions.

Harvard ASTRON16, Spring 2017: Stellar and Planetary Astronomy

This course is an introductory-level planetary astronomy class that may be the first astronomy class a student takes. Under Prof. Charlie Conroy, this class was taught in flipped classroom style, with a short lecture component preceding a longer group work component. As a Teaching Fellow, I assisted students with their work both in class and on certain evenings in The Astronomy Learning Center (TALC) sessions.

Caltech CS2, Winter 2013 – 2015: Introduction to Programming Methods

As a TA and, later, Head TA for CS2, as taught by Profs. Mathieu Desbrun and Al Barr, I was responsible for writing assignments in C++ to demonstrate and teach basic programming principles, such as parallelism, numerics, graph theory, networking, etc. CS2 is a critical and required component of the computer science major.

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